Rent Collection and Rent Recovery Services in Kenya

Rent Collection and Rent Recovery Services in Kenya

 Frequently, landlords and mostly those in the Diaspora do contact us for their Rent collection and Rent recovery when the same become due. As much as we are Licensed Auctioneers, we are licensed to Distress for rent once rent become overdue. We offer this service mostly to landlords within and without Kenya in the Diaspora.

Rent Collection Services in Kenya:
Lolwe Auctioneers are the most aggressive landlord rent collection agency in the Kenya. We have a highly trained and experienced team of skip tracers, attorneys, private investigators and professional collection agents specializing in delinquent rent collection for over 20 years.
We have been engaged by various land lords who are within Kenya and those in the Diaspora to collect monthly rent from various Tenants in Nairobi and other towns within Kenya.

Lolwe Auctioneers rent collection services include:
- Monthly Tenant Rent collection
- Landlord debt/rent collection agency services

Why us:
We area a licensed Auctioneers, licensed to levy distress for rent once the tenant default on payment of rent on due date, you do not need to look for an Auctioneer for distress for rent services since both Rent Collection and levying Distress for Rent on delinquent tenants are done in house by ourselves.

Fees for Rent Collection:

We charge a flat fee for monthly rent collection.
Lolwe Auctioneers' unique flat fee option allows you to register yourself as a landlord and then turn your tenants over for collections. For those Landlords in the diaspora,the entire process can be handled by you online.

Rent Recovery services in Kenya:

Lolwe auctioneers offer various rent recovery methods to help property owners, landlords and apartment managers to deal with what may be the most important aspect of property management -Distress for Rent. Lolwe Auctioneers will help you collect rent payments from delinquent tenants. Delinquent rent collection is an age old problem. We take delinquent rent and we know how to collect it. We are a rent recovery collection agency that specialize in delinquent rent Collection we have the know how to handle this very difficult problem.

Lolwe auctioneers will help you collect late rent or rent arrears from due tenants. We are the perfect rent collection agency solution for landlords, property managers, rental property owners.  If you are owed rent and need to collect it now, we can help you recover the same.

We are a Licensed Auctioneer firm in Nairobi, Kenya, licensed to levy Distress for rent as per the Distress for Rent Act.Chapter 293 Revised Edition 2010 (1982), Laws of Kenya. When your rent receivable is in areas for one month, you qualify to instruct us to recover the same on your behalf.

Articles exempted from distress - These are items / household goods not attacheable by an Auctioneers as per the laws of Kenya:
(1) The following goods and chattels shall be exempt from distress for rent—

(a) The property of the Government;
(b) goods and chattels in the possession of the law;
(c) things delivered to a person exercising a public trade, to be carried,wrought, worked up or managed in the way of his trade;
(d) things in actual use or occupation of the person distrained upon at the time of the distress;
(e) things of a perishable nature, or such as cannot be restored again in the same state and condition that they were before being taken or must necessarily be damaged by removal or severance;
(f) animals ferae naturae;
(g) wearing apparel and bedding of the persons whose goods and chattels are being distrained upon and the tools and implements of his trade to the total value of one hundred shillings;
(h) things exempted from distress under the Electric Power Act (Cap.314); and (i) any metre (together with any fittings thereto) supplied and let on hire by a corporation or company supplying water to the premises on which the distress is levied for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of water consumed on or supplied to those premises.

(2) A subordinate court, on complaint that goods or chattels exempt under this section from distress for rent have been taken under that distress, may by summary
order direct that the goods and chattels so taken, if not sold, be restored; or, if they have been sold, that such sum as the court may determine to be the value thereof shall be paid to the complainant by the person who levied the distress or directed it to be levied.

Fees for Rent Recovery (Distress):

For Distress for Rent, we charge fess for this service as per the Auctioneers Act and rules, laws of Kenya.

For All your Rent Collection, Rent Recovery services, Contact us.

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