Property Realizations in kenya

Realization of Charged Securities / Property – Property Auctions

Charged securities/property are items pledged as security to banks and other financial institutions to act as guarantee that monies advanced to the owners thereof shall be repaid promptly in accordance with the terms of the agreements. The property pledged as security may be movable assets, land and buildings, stock in trade or any other security acceptable to the lender.

Lolwe Auctioneers have been in the business of realizing pledged securities since its inception in 1997.

Experience and Knowhow:

When it comes to the realization of immovable property, you can count on our rich experience in this field having been in the panel of Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited, one of the leading financial institutions in Kenya. We have realized immovable properties from every corner of the country. This has made us establish a client base for immovable properties all over the country.

Realization of Property through Private Treaty:

Lolwe Auctioneers have since been offered property to sell by private treaty. these has been; vehicles, land and buildings. We use our experience and knowhow to market the same amongst our clients within our data base. We also market the same within our website, blogs and social networks. Our most clients are within the diaspora and major cities in kenya.

Marketing of Charged Securities:

Our advancement in ICT ensures that we remain at the top of the competition in the Industry. We are able to market the properties internationally through internet on our website. We are in constant touch with the Diaspora Community and international investors who frequently email us enquiring on the properties on sale through public auction.

By placing an assignment with us, you are always assured of speedy desired results. By adopting the latest communication technology, we have added value to our services in that communication between our clients and us is almost instant. We have over the years realized charged securities in form of land and buildings, Office furniture and equipments, Motor Vehicles, Households assets amongst other securities.

For all your charged security sale by Public Auctions, we request all Banks and Financial Instituitions to contact us.

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